Sectional doors

It has a stable structure that allows arbitrary placement service doors, which can be made of solid or glazed panels.

If the required lighting of premises, glass double glazed windows akrylowymi.Dowolność connect allows you to customize the appearance of the garage gate to the facade of the building.

Sectional doors are available in open manually and automatically - with manual control switch or remote control, with safety photocells and pressure strip.

We use different systems tailored to the height of the guide wall above the door opening and the angle of the floor or roof slopes.

The guides are made of galvanized steel, special order of stainless steel.

We offer roller doors with single or double-walled strips - with the possibility to install insulated shed light or ventilation grilles. Rolling gates can be opened manually or automatically.

Flaps and doors

In two classes: 30 min. and 60 min. fire resistance. Can be equipped with panic locks, made in August with all sorts of knobs, handles, or barbells.


Are widely applied wherever there is a need to control or restrict the movement of car parks, industrial plants, roads in housing estates, military sites, depots autobusowe.Wyposażenie additional photocells, remote control, flashing light on the housing and the barrier arm.


Roll (roll) - August interwoven rods, serve as a protection window and door openings, closures and rozgrodzenie trade stands. Contrary to appearances, it is an effective barrier to unwanted visitors.